1. config.lua

I. Remember to set an object that is not on the prop blacklist and there will be no automatic removal and banning of the player.

Config.WhitelistedObject = "prop_amb_beer_bottle"

II. If you want to completely disable the virtual ped on which you can check a previously run animation set true.

Config.FullyDisableVirtualPed = false

III. If you want the player to be able to trigger an animation on his character with a command here you can set this command name.

Config.AnimCommand = "e"

Note that changing the command here will also require a change in animations.lua of each SubTitle.

IV. You can change the duration of the animation without looping, this time is also taken when starting the animation on the virtual ped, be sure not to set it to more than 10000 because only after 10 seconds, any prop from the animation on the virtual ped will be removed, but rest assured these objects are rendered only in the player client.

Config.NotLoopedAnimTime = 4500

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