⚠️Common Errors

In this section, you will find answers to commonly encountered issues. Remember that most errors stem from incorrect configuration, lack of required resources, or insufficient modification.

Bear in mind that troubleshooting requires patience and precision. Try to carefully analyze the errors and systematically review possible solutions.

If the issue persists after verifying the configuration and available resources, please contact the support on the VMS Discord.

No such export Notification in vms_notify
  1. Go to vms_multichars/config/config.lua file

  2. Find function Config.Notification

  3. Remove vms_notify exports and add your notify events or exports

Black screen when joining a server

Make sure you install the .sql file to your database that comes with the script, and make sure you have done everything according to the section Installation

Once created, the character is frozen and cannot move.
  1. If you are using ESX, go to es_extended/client/main.lua

  2. Find registration of event esx:playerLoaded

  3. Check if there are native FreezeEntityPosition functions, if so, remove them

ERROR: vms_multichars was unable to execute a query!
  1. If you got such an error in the server console, it means that you are missing some column to correctly register the character in the users table

  2. In case you receive, for example, such an error: Unknown column 'skin' in 'field list' this here means that you are missing the skin column in your users table and you need to install it correctly as it is required in ESX

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