⚠️Common Errors

In this section, you will find answers to commonly encountered issues. Remember that most errors stem from incorrect configuration, lack of required resources, or insufficient modification.

Bear in mind that troubleshooting requires patience and precision. Try to carefully analyze the errors and systematically review possible solutions.

If the issue persists after verifying the configuration and available resources, please contact the support on the VMS Discord.

No such export Notification in vms_notify
  1. Go to vms_tuning/config/config.lua file

  2. Find function Config.Notification

  3. Remove vms_notify exports and add your notify events or exports

Chameleon color not working
  1. Make sure you have updated your GTA 5 launcher

  2. Make sure you are using the new game build on your server - recommended to use 2802

  3. Add a line like this to your startup file (server.cfg): sv_enforceGameBuild 2802

Selected options in tuning are not saved in the garage

Replace the functions responsible for saving and loading vehicle properties, you will find the prepared options in the section Installation

I'm getting the "vms_tuning:verifyPlateNotExist" error on ESX

It looks like you have an older ESX or a modified ESX and do not have the ESX.RegisterCommand function in your es_extended

  1. Open the config.lua vms_tuning

  2. Find Config.AdminDiscountCodesCommand

  3. Change in command generate and remove from oldESX = false to oldESX = true

[WARNING] Selected language "__" not found, changed to "EN", configure your language in translation.json

You have selected a language that does not exist for the translation.json file, create your language in this file.

My progress-bar takes 2x longer

In that case, add your export progressbar to the thread

CL.ProgressBar = function(label, time)
    Citizen.CreateThread(function() -- Added
            name = 'installation',
            label = label,
            duration = time,
            canCancel = false,
            controlDisables = {
                disableMouse = false,
                disableMovement = true,
                disableCarMovement = true,
                disableCombat = true,
    end) -- Added
I don't see tuning points

If you do not see a tuning point, it means that you have misconfigured the job or grade_access, do it correctly.

If you are using QB-Core, go to the file qb-core/shared/jobs.lua

I don't see all options in management menu

A process similar to that of , but you have to configure manager_grades and boss_grades

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