Photos Tool

To use the Photos Tool option, run the following option in config.lua

Remember that this command from photos tool has no restrictions on permissions, it is not recommended to use this on a public server, because then every player has access to this command and can use it.

Config.UsePhotosTool = true

If you enable this option, make sure you have configured the correct webhook in config.server.lua for 'PHOTOS_TOOL'. After doing this, go to the server.

Once you're on the server, simply respawn the vehicle for which you want to take a photo. It's best to wash it beforehand to ensure the best presentation for the photo. Then, use the command provided in Config.PhotosToolCommand. Remember that you must be the driver of the vehicle to use this command.

After a moment, a photo will be taken and sent to the aforementioned webhook. Simply copy the photo from the channel and use a website to remove the green background, which relies on artificial intelligence. However, note that these methods may be less precise and may leave imperfections. Therefore, it is recommended to use Photoshop to correct any imperfections.

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