⚠️Common Errors

In this section, you will find answers to commonly encountered issues. Remember that most errors stem from incorrect configuration, lack of required resources, or insufficient modification.

Bear in mind that troubleshooting requires patience and precision. Try to carefully analyze the errors and systematically review possible solutions.

If the issue persists after verifying the configuration and available resources, please contact the support on the VMS Discord.

No such export Notification in vms_notify
  1. Go to vms_clothestore/config/config.lua file

  2. Find function Config.Notification

  3. Remove vms_notify exports and add your notify events or exports

ESX ERROR with skinchanger

This error may indicate too old version of esx_skin and skinchanger resources, requires update to minimum version 1.8.5

ESX ERROR with esx_datastore for Wardrobe / Manage menu
  1. Make sure you have the esx_datastore script running on the server

  2. Make sure that in your datastore table in the database there is a record available that has the value shared as 0 (zero) - will mean that for each player is created separately, it should be called property by default

  3. f you have it under another name use it but it will require adjustment in vms_clothestore/config.lua - Config.DataStoreName.

If you do not have such a record in your datastore table, it requires you to create it, you can use the following query to create it:

INSERT INTO `datastore` (`name`, `label`, `shared`) VALUES
	('property', 'Property', 0);

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