New ADD-ON Tattoos

If you want to add new addon tattoos you need to follow the tutorial.

By default we have added some custom tattoos so it will also be easier for you to follow our examples.

STEP 1: Find your tattoo template

  1. Open Open IV

  2. Enable Edit mode

  3. Find a specific tattoo in config.lua vms_tattooshop in a specific position you are interested in, for example, a tattoo from mpbusiness_overlays - MP_Buis_M_Neck_002.

  4. Search in Open IV - mpbusiness_overlays

  1. Select file mpbusiness_overlays.xml

  1. Search in the file for the tattoo that interests you, i.e. MP_Buis_M_Neck_002

  2. Copy the entire Item

  1. Take the name from txdHash and search for this tattoo file in Open IV

  1. Extract this file to your desktop and edit it

STEP 2: Template creation

You need a graphics editor such as Adobe Photoshop, depending on where you want to create a new tattoo you can find an equivalent through Open IV and create your own design on its template.

For example, I used the skull tattoo (mp_bea_tat_m_004) on face to make new design tattoos

If you have prepared your tattoo save it in png format.

STEP 3: Creating .ytd of addon tattoo

Also use my example from @vms_tattooshop/stream/(any).ytd, download it to your desktop.

And now importantly, if you want to create new DLC tattoos you will also need to do so in the config and HTML but we will do that next.

Now we want to make another tattoo in the same DLC i.e. vms_overlays, we rename our downloaded .ytd file to mp_vms_tat_m_011.ytd and the previously created graphic to mp_vms_tat_m_011.png (if it is another one we give 012, 013 etc.).

Then open Open IV, give admin permissions and drop the .ytd file you created there, open it, delete the current file from it and upload the new one i.e. mp_vms_tat_m_011.png, if you have done that, save it and you can close it, download to your desktop ready to upload file.

STEP 4: Create or edit the file [dlc_name]_overlays.xml

If you want to create new DLC, download the vms_overlays.xml file and rename it to a new name for e.g. as text_overlays.xml.

If you want to add new tattoos to VMS DLC, just edit the vms_overlays.xml file.

      <uvPos x="0.500000" y="0.680000" />
      <scale x="0.350000" y="0.220000" />
      <rotation value="0.000000" />
      <award />
      <awardLevel />

If it is a new DLC, you need to change nameHash - This is the name you will use for the config (can be, for example, MP_TEST_LEG_000) txdHash, txtHash - This name must same the name of the .ytd file if you are doing in DLC VMS, just change the number to the next one.

If you want to tattoo in a place other than the face as it is in the example, you need to change the uvPos, scale, zone, below you have the names of the places to tattoo.

Available zones in GTA:







After preparing the Item, if you have created a new DLC, you need to name this DLC in the file

STEP 5: Adding your new tattoo to shop_tattoo.meta file

In creating this I will use the name mp_vms_tat_m_011

      	<cost value="0" />
      	<id value="0" />

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