⚠️Common Errors

In this section, you will find answers to commonly encountered issues. Remember that most errors stem from incorrect configuration, lack of required resources, or insufficient modification.

Bear in mind that troubleshooting requires patience and precision. Try to carefully analyze the errors and systematically review possible solutions.

If the issue persists after verifying the configuration and available resources, please contact the support on the VMS Discord.

Permissions don't allow to see admin options on QB-Core

If you have configured Config.Permissions correctly and still don't see the options you should have available, it means you have misconfigured permissions on your server.

  1. Go to your server.cfg file where you have admin permissions registered

  2. Find the lines where you give users a role, you need to give it as qbcore.ROLE and group.ROLE per user, below is an example:

add_principal identifier.license:IDENTIFIER qbcore.god
add_principal identifier.license:IDENTIFIER group.god

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