1. Dependencies

2. Setup Tebex API

Download officialy Tebex API to FiveM ( Configure the config.json file by setting your tebex secret key Add these lines to server.cfg

add_ace resource.Tebex-FiveM command allow

3. Configure Packages on your Tebex Server Store

Add products that you want to add to sale, e.g. Coins and VIP

Then configure Game Server Command for each product

Command for generating 20,000 Coins: generateTbx {transaction} coins 20000

Command for generating VIP Status for 28 days: generateTbx {transaction} vip 28 Command for generating Permament VIP Status: generateTbx {transaction} vip -1 (These commands are only usable from the server console so don't worry, no admin will use it)

Remember that when the player buys the package, the tbx code will be able to use according to the information provided to us by tebex (5-10 minutes), it can always be faster but it will not be INSTANT.

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