1. Files change

Change the icon of the discord invite button, you can find the icon on this path: vms_pausemenu/html/icons/vms.png

2. config.lua

I. If your server retrieves the player's first and last name using xPlayer.getName() set false, otherwise if it is retrieved using the database column 'firstname' and 'lastname' from the users table set true.

Config.names_users = true -- true / false

II. Change the information displayed to the player when leaving the server.

Config.DisconnectReason = " - Thanks for game, see you soon..."

III. Replace pausemenu functions.

Config.Actions = {
    inventory = function()
    report = function()

IV. Replace links to your server tebex store and discord invite.

Config.ShopLink = ""
Config.DiscordLink = ""

3. Blocking use pausemenu in other scripts

This is how you can block a player from opening a pausemenu


If you have deactivated the possibility to open the pausemenu, after the end of the loop or after the end of the action in which the pausemenu is to be blocked, you must re-enable it with this export


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