Not everything can be blocked because for some files there is no appropriate data_file for fxmanifest to be loaded correctly.

To add more blockades to be overwritten by this script you need to add it correctly. If the file is added not correctly, the script may stop working, be careful.


If you want to add a new block then the location of the file in the albm_citizenblock folder must match the location of this file in Open IV

Example: @albm_citizenblock/common/data/effects/liquidfx.dat Grand Theft Auto V/common.rpf/data/effects/liquidfx.meta @albm_citizenblock/meta/time.xml Grand Theft Auto V/common.rpf/data/time.xml

Some files to append to the gta5.meta file located on this location @albm_citizenblock\meta\gta5.meta



Each new file must be added to __resource.lua and and for the most part there must be an appropriate data_file witch we get from gta5.meta of <fileType>

files {

data_file "TIME_FILE" 'time.xml'

In the case of props, i.e. .ytd, .ydr, just add to the stream folder

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