1. Configuration config.lua

Config.MaxNameLength - Maximum character length of first name and last name.

Config.MaxNameLength = 20 -- Max Name Length.

Config.LimitHeight - Height limits - {minimum, maximum}

Config.LimitHeight = {120, 220} -- minimum and maximum

Config.LimitYear - Age limit - {minimum year, maximum year}

Config.LimitYear = {1900, 2010} -- minimum and maximum

Config.EnableBlur - Is there to be a blurred game background behind the UI

Config.EnableBlur = true

Config.Multichars - If you are using a multicharacter system set to true

Config.Multichars = true

Config.UseCustomSkinCreator - If you are using a custom character creator such as vms_charcreator and not using a multicharacter system set true, otherwise set false

Config.UseCustomSkinCreator = false

Config.UseLatinAlphabetChecker - If you are using other alphabet than Latin, like Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic etc. set false

Config.UseLatinAlphabetChecker = true

Config.UseNationalityOption - If you want to use nationality option in registration menu set true, otherwise set false

Config.UseNationalityOption = true

Config.DateFormat - available date input formats: dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy/dd/mm, yyyy/mm/dd

Config.DateFormat = 'dd/mm/yyyy'

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